In the conclusion of the Mage Storms trilogy, the Western lands try to devise a new system of magic in place of the ancient forces that once threatened them in order to fend off an assault by the Eastern Empire.

Characters Edit

  • Karal
  • An'desha
  • Lo'isha
  • Silverfox
  • Firesong
  • Altra
  • Florian
  • Treyvan
  • Hydona
  • Chagren shena Liha'irden
  • Andra
  • Tarma
  • Aya
  • Sejanes
  • Levy
  • Elspeth
  • Darkwind
  • Vree
  • Brytha
  • Gwena
  • Rusi
  • Severn
  • Vallen
  • Hob
  • Keplan
  • Tremane
  • Charliss
  • Melles

Places Edit

Terminology Edit

  • Webs of Time
  • Chirra
  • Earth-binding
  • Boggles
  • Siara
  • Imperial Staff

See also Edit

Book coversEdit

Stormbreakingfrench Stormbreaking2 Stormbreaking3

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