Staven Frelennye was the elder twin brother of Herald-Mage Tylendel. He was about an hour older than his sibling. Tylendel described him as "taller, thinner, darker, and much handsomer" than Tylendel himself. (Magic's Pawn) Savil described him as a stubborn, hotheaded idiot.

Staven was the leader of the pair, with Tylendel blindly following his brother. They shared a primitive mind-link that lead to each knowing where the other was and what he was feeling at all times.

When they were twelve, Staven lost his virginity to a visiting lady, and allowed Tylendel to "eavesdrop" on the encounter. It lead to all of Tylendel's potential Gifts being triggered at once. Without any control over his new abilities, Tylendel was a wreck. Others said he was possessed by a demon or cursed and wanted to cast him out, but Staven stuck by his side, supporting him throughout the next two years until he was Chosen by Gala.

After their father died, seventeen-year-old Staven became Lord Holder.

The Frelennye and Leshara families had been feuding for years, but it escalated during a raid on the Leshara cattle, when Wester Leshara's youngest son was accidentally killed. In retaliation, Leshara hired a stage magician to convince Staven and Tylendel's unstable and grief-stricken mother that her husband was trying to communicate with her and if she found just the right potion, she'd be able to see him. They couldn't prevent her from trying all manner of combinations, culminating in a dose of fatally poisonous Black Angel mushrooms. Staven immediately started plotting his revenge.

Both sides of the feud began looking for mages in earnest. Wester Leshara was the first to find one, hiring Krebain to torture and kill Staven. Unfrtunately, Tylendel shared his agony and death through their link. It was this experience that took his sanity and drove him to avenge Staven at all costs, resulting in his own destruction.

In the seriesEdit

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