Starwind is a Tayledras of the k'Treva clan during Vanyel's time. He is shay'a'chern and Lifebonded to Moondance.

Bondbird Edit

His bondbird is Asheena, a gyrfalcon.

Life Edit

At some point, he met Herald-Mage Savil Ashkevron and became Wingsiblings with her, though how they met is never given. Early in their friendship, she brought an injured boy to him. Starwind healed the boy and helped him become the Tayledras Moondance. Starwind and Moondance were Lifebonded.

Talents Edit

We know that he helps heal the land like all Tayledras, and that he can heal humans as well, evidenced by his healing of Moondance.

In the series Edit

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