Starblade k'Sheyna is an Adept mage and an Elder of the Tayledras Clan k'Sheyna. He has two children, Wintermoon and Darkwind. He never had a good relationship with Wintermoon, who has no Mage-Gift to speak of. However, he was always very proud of Darkwind, one of the youngest Adepts in the Clan.

Betrayal Edit

Starblade went out to fight a forest fire and fell into a trap laid by Mornelithe Falconsbane. Badly injured, he was taken back to Falconsbane's tower. His injuries were healed in preparation for breaking him, which Falconsbane accomplished through a combination of pain and pleasure. Once he had been made Falconsbane's servant, he was given a new bondbird, a crow designed to keep him in thrall.

On Falconsbane's orders, Starblade fatally weakened the Heartstone, leading to the later disaster. He then used his position in Council to block any attempt to call for help or to patrol k'Sheyna lands effectively. The only thing Starblade was able to do by choice was verbally abuse Darkwind. He hoped that by alienating Darkwind, he could keep his son safe from Falconsbane's plotting, and give him a chance to see that Starblade was a hidden traitor in their midst.

Nyara eventually revealed Starblade's role as Falconsbane's agent. Using that information, Darkwind and Vree destroyed the crow, freeing Starblade enough to begin resisting Falconsbane. He then began work with the Healers and Mindhealers to repair the damage, and restore his mind fully to his own control. He eventually married his main healer, the Shin'a'in healer Kethra.

Bondbirds Edit

Starblade's bondbird was a perlin falcon, Karry, who was killed by Falconsbane. He was then given a crow as replacement. However, Falconsbane had designed the crow to keep Starblade under control and following Falconbane's orders. Darkwind and Vree broke Falconsbane's main hold on Starblade when they destroyed the crow.

Knowing he needed a new bondbird in order tospeed his healing, Darkwind and Elspeth started looking for one. They eventually found Hyllarr, whom they rescued from an evil mage. A highly intelligent crested hawk-eagle, Hyllarr was an active participant in healing Starblade, and himself as well. The pair turned out to be extremely well-suited.

In the series Edit

Starblade appears in the following works:

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