The goddess worshiped by the Shin'a'in and the Tayledras.

She is also mentioned to have provided (and quite possibly created) the first Companions to the first King of Valdemar, and as such, has a strong connection to the Companions. She is implied by name to be one of the Twins worshiped by Need, Karanel the Fighter.

She is associated with the stars and the night. She is known to have a male companion, who is called "Hunter, Guardian, Rover, Guide." Interestingly, the Fighter of the Twins had a sibling known as Hunter. In "Sun in Glory," it is implied that the Star-Eyed is the companion of Vkandis. This implication is raised again in Storm Warning (Chapter Nine) when Vkandis' companion is revealed to be the goddess Kalanel.

Appearance Edit

She has four faces or aspects: Maiden, Warrior, Mother, and Crone. When she appeared to Tarma, she came as the Warrior:

"...the radiant figure... glowing faintly within a nimbus of soft light, appeared to be leshya'e Kal'enedral, but was unveiled--her body that of a young, almost sexless woman. A woman of the Shin'a'in, with golden skin, sharp features, and raven-black hair. A swordswoman garbed and armed from head to toe in unrelieved black--and whose eyes were the featureless darkness of a starry night sky, lacking pupil or iris." [Oathbreakers]
In every face, her eyes are compared to the starry sky--the origin of her most common name, the Star-Eyed. To a lesser extent, the eyes of Companions resemble her eyes.

In the series Edit