Snowstar is a Kaled'a'in Adept-class mage who served in Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. When the mages revolted over the way their lives were being thrown away by General Shaiknam, Urtho compromised by having all of the mages report to Snowstar, who in turn would report directly to Urtho himself. Snowstar was not happy about being put in charge, but he was the best organized of the mages, with plenty of assistants and messenger-birds.

Snowstar was well-known to Urtho, as the two had worked together for many years before Ma'ar's forces threatened the kingdom of Tantara. In fact, Snowstar was with him when Lady Cinnabar called Urtho to deal with the collapse of the royal court. Because of his knowledge of the palace, he could build a Gate for Skandranon to get close enough to Ma'ar to activate Urtho's final weapon and destroy the evil Adept.

In the series Edit

Snowstar appears in the following works:


Snowstar by Larry Dixon

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