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Hair like snow, eyes that gleam,

Things aren’t always what they seem. 

Teeth too long, hands too thin -- 

Always look beneath the skin! 

Children playing in the snow 

Further out than they should go, 

Saw a stranger walking near -- 

Never stopped to think or fear. 

Greetings children, woman said, 

It’s so cold, I’m chilled near dead, 

Where’s your camp and family, too? 

Won’t you take me home with you? 

Long white hair and eyes like ice, 

She spoke so fair and seemed so nice; 

Foolish children did not ask, 

Why she set them such a task. 

They did not wait to find a guard, 

They led her straight to their own yard. 

They did not think to ask their kin, 

They brought her home and let her in. 

And when she was well hid inside, 

Then she cast off her human hide. 

Her fangs grew long, her claws sprang free -- 

A hungry fierce snow beast was she! 

And all that night through every tent 

She stalked and slaughtered as she went. 

When the sun raised up his head, 

Half of all that tribe lay dead. 

For pretty words and pretty whiles 

And pretty looks and pretty smiles -- 

Those folks where slain and scattered all, 

Because they let their caution fall.

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