In an ancient time, long before the Mage Wars, existed the Sisterhood of Spell and Sword. The Sisterhood took in young girls. Those with Mage-Gift were trained as mages, and those with talents in the fighting arts were trained as warriors. Other members of the Sisterhood became craftsmen or caretakers. Those who were trained by the Sisterhood contributed their skills and talents to supporting and maintaining the Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood worshiped a set of deities known as the Twins. There were numerous enclaves that worshiped the Twins at that time in history, the Sisterhood was only one of these.

While the aged mage-smith Sister Lashan was away on her annual journey to sell the enchanted swords she had made that year, the wizard Heshain attacked the enclave, capturing the Mage-Gifted girls and killing nearly everyone else. Only the novice Vena escaped. Knowing that the girls had to be rescued, but that neither she nor Vena was up to the job, Lashan ensoulled herself into a special spell blade she had made, and became the sword Need. She and Vena then proceeded to track Heshain and rescue the captured girls.

Notable sisters Edit

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