In the days following the Mage Wars, Silverhorse was the Clan Chief of the Kaled'a'in Clan of the Hawk, what eventually became the Shin'a'in Clan Tale'sedrin. When the nine Clans gathered at the rim of the crater that existed where there homes had once been, Silverhorse was the most vehement opponent of magic. Seeing how the land had been laid to waste, who could not countenance any continuing to practice it in any form. He did not believe the danger to be worth any benefit it could offer. Three Clans agreed with him, five did not. Those that wished to retain magic left, eventually becoming the Tayledras, while Silverhorse and the others stayed, eventually becoming the Shin'a'in, in an event known as the Sundering of the Clans.

With no options left to them, the shamans of the remaining Clans called on their goddess, the Star-Eyed. She promised to care for them, giving them a new homeland and a new purpose, but nothing comes without a price. In this case, a blood sacrifice and Clan oaths. The blood sacrifice was the Chief or shaman of each Clan. Knowing their Clans would not do well without a shaman for years as an apprentice was trained, the chiefs of each Clan agreed to sacrifice themselves. In Silverhorse's case, he simply stepped off the rim of the crater, falling to his death on the rocks below.

From the bodies of each Clan Chief, grass spread out across the crater's floor, transforming the blasted earth into the Dhorisha Plains. The Clans also swore oaths to forego all but shaman's magic, and to guard the leftover magical weapons buried under the Plains. Shaman Ravenwing's memories of these events are woven into one of the ancient history tapestries kept in Kata'shin'a'in.

In the series Edit

Silverhorse appears in the following work:

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