Silverblade is the daughter of Amberdrake and Winterhart. She was given the name Windsong at her birth, then changed it after she grew up, a not uncommon practice among the Kaled'a'in.

She joined the Silver Gryphons, and was paired with her best friend, Tadrith. On their way to their first assignment, manning Outpost Five, they were attacked by a magic-draining wyrsa pack. They crashed into the rain forest. After recovering enough to move, they began hiking toward a more defensible position, while repelling attacks from the pack. They eventually holed up in a cave, where they were found by Amberdrake and Skandranon, the last survivors of a search party that had come looking for them. The group defeated the wyrsa pack and were reunited with their families.

During her perilous misadventures in the rain forest, Silverblade matured enough to reconcile with her father, and finally admit her feelings for Ikala.

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