Silver Veil was the kestra'chern who rescued a young Amberdrake on the run from Ma'ar's forces. She tended him through his illness, and then took him on as an apprentice. She healed his body and completed his erotic education.

When her path took her away from the direction of Ka'venusho, the Kaled'a'in homeland, she found Amberdrake a new master, the kestra'chern Lorshallen. Silver Veil and her household were bound for a land far to the south where it was said that Shaman-kings ruled and winter ever came. She supposedly had a place waiting for her in the household of one of the Shaman-kings.

Amberdrake encountered Silver Veil again years later when he visited the court of the Haighlei emperor Shalaman. Silver veil was serving as a trusted advisor and chief kestra'chern to the royal court in the Kmbata Empire. She loved Shalaman, but thought a romantic relationship was impossible due to the rigidity of the Haighlei culture. However, Shalaman took advantage of the opportunity to make changes during the Eclipse Ceremony to propose to her. At that time, Shalaman was sixty and Silver Veil around fifty years old.

Silver Veil is described as being "as beautiful as a statue carved by a master sculptor, slim as a boy, graceful as a gazelle. She took her name from her hair, a platinum fall of silk that she had never cut, that trailed on the ground behind her when she let it fall loose." (The Black Gryphon) She was also referred to as serene, intelligent and sophisticated, so much so that she often intimidated Ma'ar's officers at the checkpoints they passed through.

In the series Edit

Silver Veil appears in the following works:

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