Silence k'Sheyna, formerly known as Moonwing, is a Tayledras mage. She was deeply traumatized by the cracking of the k'Sheyna Heartstone and the resulting violent deaths of most of the Clan's mages. Not only did she change her usename, but she became a mute hermit, only communicating through Mindspeech and withdrawing from all aspects of Clan life.

After the Kaled'a'in "invasion" of the Vale, gryphons and other scouts went out in search of the new Vale with the rest of the Clan. Once they were found, Silence and Summerfawn k'Leshya traveled to meet them. When Silence returned, she was no longer silent. She had finally healed, as reflected in her new usename, Snowfire. As Snowfire, she joyfully built a Gate in tandem with Summerfawn, allowing the entire Clan to move to the new Vale, reuniting them at last.

In the series Edit

Silence appears in the following works:

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