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Maiden, Worrier, Mother, Crone,

Help us keep this land our own 

Rover, Guardian, Hunter, Guide, 

With us now forever ride! 

Gold the down-sun spreads his wings 

Follow where the East-wind sings 

Brothers, sisters, side by side, 

To defend our home we ride! 

Eyes of Hawks the borders see– 

Watches, guard it carefully 

Let no stranger pass it by– 

Children of the Hawk, now fly! 

Speed of Deer, oh grant of these– 

Swift to warn of enemies, 

Fleeter far then any foe– 

Deer-child, to the border go! 

Cunning as the Wolf-pack now, 

To no overlord we bow! 

Lest some lord our freedom blight, 

Brothers of the Wolf now fight! 

Brave, the great Cat guards his lair, 

Teeth to rend and claws to tear 

Lead the battle, first to last, 

Children of the Cat, hold fast! 

Hawk and Cat, and Wolf and Deer, 

Keep the Plains now save from fear, 

Brothers, sisters, side by side, 

To defend our home, we ride!

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