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The east wind is calling, so come ride away,

Come follow the Rover into the new day, 

Come follow the Maiden, the Dark Moon, with me, 

The new year's beginning, come ride out and see 

Come follow the Rover out into the Plains, 

Come greet the new life under sweet, singing rains, 

Come follow the Maiden beneath vernal showers, 

For where her feet passed you will find fragrant flowers 

The South wind, oh hear it, we ride to the call 

We follow the Guardian, the Lord of us all, 

We follow the Warrior, the strong to defend, 

The New Moon to fighters is ever a friend 

With summer comes fighting, with summer, our foes 

And how we must thwart them the Guardian knows 

The Warrior will give them no path but retreat, 

The Warrior and Guardian will bring there defeat 

Come follow the West wind, the wind of the fall, 

The Mother will cast her cloak over us all 

Come follow the Hunter out onto the Plain, 

Return to the Clan with the pray we have slain 

For now comes the autumn, the time of the West, 

The season of Full Moon, of harvest, then rest 

So take from Her hands all the fruits of the fields, 

And thank Him for all that the autumn-hunt yields 

The North wind, the cold wind, the wind of the snow, 

Tells us, it is time winter pastures to go 

The Guide knows the path and the Crone shows us how 

The Old Moon, and time for returning is now 

And if, with the winter, should come the last breath, 

And riding, we ride out of life into death, 

The Wise One, the Old Moon, will ease our last load

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