Herald Sherrill, nicknamed Sherri, is a senior instructor at the Collegium. Her Companion is Silkswift, and she is lifebonded to Herald Keren.

On Talia's choosing and arrival at the Collegium, Sherri was assigned to be her guide.  

Early LifeEdit

Sherrill grew up in a large fisher-folk family on the shore of Lake Evendim, and spent her youth either on boats or in a longhouse with her large family as well as the large families of her uncles. Sherri was chosen right off of one of these fishing boats.

Sherrill could not read or write when she was first brought to the Collegium. In addition, she believed (as most fisher-folk do) that too much bathing was bad for one's health. She objected to the daily bath recommended by the Collegium.

When Talia was drowning in the river, Sherrill used her experience from Lake Evendim ice rescues to help Keren save the Queen's Own.


Sherri is Shay'a'chern, and was attracted to Karen and Ylsa, who were already a lifebonded pair. After Ylsa's death, Sherrill helped Keren to deal with the grief of losing a lifebonded partner, and they became lifebonded together. This was extremely rare, as Keren was lifebonded once already and one lifebonding is rare as it is.

It is thought that, had Ylsa lived, the three of them might have become a lifebonded trio.

Companion Edit

Sherrill was Chosen by the mare Silkswift.

Gifts Edit

Though Sherrill's Gifts are not enumerated, it is specified that she does not have Mindspeech. She cannot speak to her Companion at all, not even the emotional images Talia gets from Rolan.

Internship Edit

Details of her internship are not known.

In the series Edit

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