King's Own Herald Shavri was a healer, the mother of Herald Jisa, and the lifebonded lover of King Randale.


Shavri refused to marry Randale because it would prevent any chance for him to make an alliance marriage, and because she was terrified at the prospect of having to rule Valdemar-- which she would need to do if she survived him as wife and consort.

Shavri desperately wanted a child, and she asked Vanyel to sire this child as Randale health had left him unable to do so. Thus, Jisa was born.

Shavri and the others who knew went to great lengths to keep Randale's sterility and the truth of Jisa's paternity a secret, and the rest of Valdemar thought Jisa was Randale's daughter.  

Shavri could not, however, keep Randale's wasting illness a secret forever. She feared ruling so much that it threw her into emotional turmoil when Jisa wed Randale's heir, Treven. She became reconciled to the match in the end, but could never understand Jisa's willingness to accept the responsibility of ruling Valdemar.

Self SacrificeEdit

As Randale's end drew nearer, Shavri went against all recommendations and opened all her Healing channels, giving him everything she could of her strength while aware that it would mean her death when he finally succumbed.

Companion Edit

Grove-Born Companion Taver had Chosen Shavri after the death of Queen's Own Herald Lancir.

Gifts Edit

Shavri was a Gifted Healer, one of the very rare times a Companion Chose someone with the Healing Gift.

Internship Edit

Details of her internship are not given.

In the series Edit

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