The mercenary Shallan was a scout for the mercenary company the Skybolts, part of Kerowyn's scout group and under her command when they were in the field. She was younger than Kerowyn and a full head shorter, with blue eyes and short, ice-blond hair, appearing deceptively fragile. Her mother was also a mercenary, a member of the Sunhawks. She was shay'a'chern, and was Relli's shieldmate until an unfortunate arrow killed Relli.

Shallan hated the Karsites with a passion for torturing and murdering captured mercenaries, against every rule of the Mercenary Guild, many of them her friends.

Ten years after assuming the captaincy, Kerowyn promoted Shallan to co-commander of the specialist company, along with Geyr.

In the series Edit

Shallan appears in the following works:

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