Shaiknam was a general in Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. He commanded the Sixth Army, which had a large non-human contingent. Shaiknam believed non-humans were dumb beasts and mages were expendable. He threw their lives away pointlessly, until both groups rebelled, demanding that Urtho do something. Urtho's initial solution was to replace him. Both Shaikam and his second, Commander Garber, were placed on 'detached medical leave,' and General Sulma Farle was given command. Unfortunately, that only lasted until Farle's death. With no one else senior enough to take over, Shaiknam was back in command, though without any non-humans or mages.

Eventually, a resentful Shaiknam, along with Garber and Conn Levas, struck a bargain with Ma'ar, They allowed Ma'ar's troops entry into Tantara through the pass they guarded, so they could encircle General Judeth and the Fifth Army she commanded. He also paid Conn Levas to assassinate Urtho, a ploy that succeeded with mixed results. The traitorous Shaiknam died in the Cataclysm.

Shaiknam was the scion of one of Tantara's old noble families. His father was one of the greatest generals Tantara ever had. Unfortunately, his son had none of his battlefield genius. It didn't help matters that he always had a new interest to pursue, quickly losing interest and leaving half-finished shambles in his wake. He is described as being a whiny idiot with delusions of grandeur.

In the seriesEdit

Shaiknam appears in the following work:

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