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From the Firebird Arts website: "Stunning lead vocals by Heather Alexander highlight expressive lyrics by Mercedes Lackey & D.F. Sanders. Music by Heather Alexander & Cecilia Eng, with all arrangements by Heather Alexander. This album introduces vocalists Shandeen & Loren Depping, guitarists Steve Einhorn & Randal Bays, and lute player Ron Andrico."

Song listEdit

  1. Magic's Price
  2. Shadow Stalker
  3. The Shadow-Lover
  4. Demonsbane
  5. Windrider Unchained
  6. My Lady's Eyes
  7. Nightblades
  8. Web of Light
  9. The Colddrake
  10. Vrondi's Eyes
  11. Earth Spirit
  12. Hawkbrother
  13. The Herald's Creed

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