Sevastan was the maternal grandfather of King's Own Herald Juni. He lived in the village of Solmark on what was then the far western border of Valdemar, in the edge of the Pelagirs.

Sevastan's daughter died a few months after Juni's birth. His son-in-law died a few years later and the rest of his family was lost at Starhaven, leaving Sevastan to raise Juni on his own.

Most of his life Sevastan was possessed by the spirit of a long-dead evil mage who worked through his daughter and granddaughter when he realized he couldn't utilize Sevastan as more than a body. The blood-mage needed to utilize someone with Mage-Gift. His used his power to 'heal' injuries, leaving a line to each person treated. The line showed in Mage-Sight as a stain on the spirit of the person who was healed. This probably how the mage wiped out Starhaven. He likely used another member of Sevastan's family, since the Gift is inherited.

Sevastan was finally freed when Herald Vess and the spirit of a dead Tayledras mage together defeated the evil blood-mage. Unfortunately, the elderly Sevastan was killed in the process. Vess Saw him briefly, in the place between life and death, where he thanked Vess for his freedom, and asked him to tell Juni that he had done his best to love her despite being possessed and controlled by the evil mage.

In the series Edit

Sevastan appears in the following work:

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