At the time of his Choosing, Santar was seventeen, and working in his father's stables alongside his fourteen year old brother, Hosfin. The pair also have five other brothers, at least of whom is older, and a sister. None of their names are given. The stable was well known for the quality of service the family provided. Anyone who cared about their mount went there, including the occasional Herald passing through.

Santar's Companion, Orrin, tested Santar before finally Choosing him. He wanted to be sure Santar had the selfless courage required of a Herald. Orrin showed up in the stableyard, acting frantic. He confirmed Santar's guess that his Herald needed rescuing, tossed Santar into the saddle and ran off with him. He then took Santar on a grueling all-night trek through an icy river and the Tangled Forest (widely believed to be inhabited by demons), then into the foothills of the mountains. Once there, Orrin directed him into a cave system, then used Mindspeech to guide him through, pretending to be the injured Herald. In the end Santar came out another cave opening to find Orrin waiting for him. Orrin officially Chose him at that point.

Companion Edit

Santar was Chosen by the stallion Orrin.

Gifts Edit

His Gifts are not enumerated, though he can Mindspeak his Companion.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are not given.

In the series Edit

Santar appears in the following work:

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