Rris is a young kyree historian, and a cousin to both Torrl and Warrl. Unlike the gruff Warrl and the dignified Torrl, Rris is described as being " a big puppy. All bounce and friendliness." (Winds of Change)

Following Torrl, Rris arrived in k'Sheyna territory and took over as the nursemaid for the twin gryphlets, Jervan and Lytha. Not only did he keep them entertained with stories like Torrl, he also roughhoused with them.

As a historian Rris had memorized and could recite every one of the stories regarding his "famous cousin Warrl." He was also interested in learning more to add to the kyree story archive. This driving need to witness events and fashion them into history tales lead him to accompanying Elspeth and her party back to Valdemar.


Mother: Rheena of the Hyrrrull Pack[1]

In the series Edit

Rris appears in the following works:


  1. Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar: "A Dream Deferred" by Kristin Schwengel

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