Roshya was the wife of Mekeal Ashkevron, and Vanyel's sister-in-law. She was described as small and thin with red hair, who "chattered nonstop, sparrowlike, without ever seeming to pause for breath" from gossip that "was cheerful and never malicious." (Magic's Promise)

As Lady Treesa began to age, the cheerful Roshya kept her from becoming bitter. Watching Roshya accept her growing years in grace and dignity allowed Treesa to do the same. When Melenna left for Highjorune, and Withen and Treesa for Haven, Roshya stepped in, taking over the chatelaine position at Forst Reach.

Family Edit

Husband: Mekeal Ashkevron

Children: Herald Ariel Ashkevron, plus at least five more children

In-Laws: Lord Withen and Lady Treesa Ashkevron

In the series Edit

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