Master Rolf Dawson was an instrument maker, and the creator of the twelve-string gittern, Bard Stefen's favorite instrument.

Rolf first met Herald-Mage Vanyel at the Forst Reach Harvest Fair. Vanyel had been searching for a new lute for his nephew Medren, who was getting ready to leave for the Bardic Collegium. In addition to showing him several of the high quality pieces he kept tucked away just for Bards, he also pulled out his newest creation, the twelve-string gittern. It uses the same fingering as a six-string gittern, but uses metal harpstrings instead of gut gittern strings. The result is an instrument that is a trial to tune, but rings like a bell. It is implied that Vanyel showed his gittern to Bard Breda, then introduced her to Rolf.

Rolf was described as being friendly, preoccupied and shortsighted. He had a round face and "cloudy, gray-green eyes." (Magic's Promise)

In the series Edit

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