Lieutenant Rojer Klinseinem was an under-secretary in Ancar's officer corps. He was in the position under Ancar's father but was not replaced because he was so ordinary he was overlooked and forgotten. He was so wrapped up in his accounting ledgers he didn't notice anything going on around him. It wasn't until he began to see discrepancies and other worrying details in the prison accounts that he decided to investigate.

Unfortunately for Rojer, one of Ancar's mages caught him prowling around the dungeons. However, as he had never before shown any signs of initiative or of causing trouble in any way, he was placed under house arrest until he could be questioned. Instead, Rojer stole a horse and made for the Valdemar border. He was smuggled across by the Skybolts.

Rojer reported that Ancar and his blood-mages were sacrificing the prisoners for power. He also reported that Ancar was planning another war against Valdemar, and that he would be making heavy use of those mages.

In the series Edit

Rojer appears in the following work:

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