Rojek was thirteen when he was Chosen and made the journey to the Herald's Collegium in Haven. Tafri Tallyman was assigned as his mentor, getting him settled in at the Collegium.

Like Talamir before him, Rojek is from the Giyano Clans, a group of nomadic horse traders. Unlike Talamir, Rojek had been fostered out a few times, and was no longer uncomfortable under a roof.

He was described as "unusually tall for his age... and very thin; with his unruly puff of white-blond hair he looked like a dandelion gone to seed." (The Valdemar Companion: "A Herald's Journey") He also has eyes the same blue as his Companion's.

Companion Edit

Rojek was Chosen by Civera, a "neat-footed little mare as long in the leg as her Chosen..."

Gifts Edit

His Gifts are not enumerated.

Internship Edit

Details of his internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

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