Robin is a young page from Gyrefalcon's Marches, an area in Lord Orthallen's district who was sent by his parents to Court for protection when the area was under heavy attack by an organized army of bandits and slavers. A homesick Robin attracted the attention of Queen's Own Herald Talia who quickly became the boy's friend. Talia introduced the lonely boy to Dean Elcarth, a true kindred spirit.

Robin was used by Orthallen to set up Dirk, but taking Elcarth's advice, the boy remembered every detail of the unusual circumstances, making him instrumental in clearing Dirk's name.

When Orthallen's household removed to Lord Falthern's keep during the initial invasion out of Hardorn, Robin traveled with them. He spent much of his time lingering in the hallway near where the badly injured Talia was being treated. He was the page Devan told to spread the good news that Talia was going to recover.

In the series Edit

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