Roald was the son of co-consorts Arden and Leesa, and eventually succeeded them to the throne of Valdemar.

He became good friends with then-Prince Stefansen of Rethwellan, hiding Stefan and his family in his own hunting lodge near the Rethwellan border. With approval from his parents, he also secured a treaty in perpetuity and an oath to help Valdemar in a crisis, sworn on the Sword That Sings, binding all of Stefansen's successors to the promise in return for covert aid in overthrowing Stefansen's brother King Raschar. Queen's Own Herald Talia eventually calls in this favor, securing aid from Stefansen's grandson, King Faramentha in their war with Hardorn.

During this same time, Roald became best of friends with Tarma shena Tale'sedrin, after they were properly introduced by the Star-Eyed herself, who explained that Heralds and Kal'enedral were essentially the same thing, as were Companions and leshya'e Kal'enedral. Roald took to calling Tarma 'Darksib,' while she called him 'Brightsib.'

Roald was described as being only slightly taller than Tarma, and "exceedingly handsome in a rugged way, with a heavy shock of blond hair, a neat little beard, and eyes as blue as his horse's." (Oathbreakers)

Until Elspeth traveled to the Plains, looking for a magical weapon to counteract the Mage Storms, Roald was the only Herald ever to visit the Shin'a'in at home. He was hosted by Clan Tale'sedrin who called him ver'Kal'enedral or 'White Swordsworn.' For generations after, Tale'sedrin talked of the charming Herald and his spirit horse, as swift as the wind itself. Roald became a local legend.

Companion Edit

The name of his Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

Roald's Gifts are not enumerated.

Internship Edit

The details of his internship are unknown.

In the series Edit

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