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Reulan is the son of Torgon and Sosha. Born in a small village in Karse, Reulan was apprenticed to the old village priest of Sweetwater, Beckor. He was eventually sent to Sunhame for six months to complete his training and ordain him into the priesthood. He returned to Sweetwater as Beckor's assistant priest. When Beckor died, Reulan took over as the Sunpriest of Sweetwater. He served in that capacity for several years, content with his life.

One day Reulan was visited by a firecat. The Firecat, Khar, suggested they go to Sunhame for the Summer Solstice. In Sunhame Reulan was acknowledged and crowned Son of the Sun. His protests that he was only a simple village priest amused Vkandis. (This legend is known as "The Cat Who Came to Dinner".)

Reulan's tenure as Son of the Sun became legendary. In the 'modern' era, children played games of 'Reulan and the Firecat.'

Reulan himself eventually reincarnated as a Firecat. [see Reulan (firecat)].

In the series Edit

Reulan appears in the following work:

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