Valdemar Edit

Valdemar's motto is: There is no one true way. This holds true for religions as well as everything else. Most of the religions are based on a dual god and goddess. Though even in this, there are wide differences. In the north of the country this takes the form of Kernos of the Northern Lights and Astera of the Stars. The patriarchal Holderkin in the southeast have a dominant god and a passive, subservient goddess.

There are some monotheistic religions as well. In the Three Rivers area is a such a group, whose religion centers on their holy book, the Book of One. The Karsite Sun religion, worshiping Vkandis is also practiced in Haven and along the Karsite border. It is monotheistic in nature as well.

Hardorn Edit

Hardorn also has numerous religious groups. At one point a rivalry is mentioned between the sects of Kindas Sun-Kindler and Tembor Earth-Shaker.

Rethwellan Edit

Rethwellan has numerous religious sects.

Ruvan Edit

Ruvan has numerous religious sects. Among the deities worshiped is Sun-Lord Resoden and Anathei of the Purifying Flame.

Shin'a'in Edit

The Shin'a'in universally worship a single goddess, called the Star-Eyed.

Miscellaneous deities Edit

A number of deities are mentioned only in curses. These include:

  • Tyreena
  • Pelias
  • Apponel
  • Horneth
  • Kelles

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