The Countess Reine of Valdemar was the lucky lady the bard Leslac was forced to marry by order of King Stefansen of Rethwellan.

According to Roald, Reine was a "rather sweet old biddy" without "the sense of a new-hatched chick." (Oathbreakers) She was prey to con men and vultures after her money. Leslac joined the numbers of men who flattered and made much of her in hopes of a little coin coming his way. Reine, on the other hand, was "absolutely head over heels with him. And his music."

Between Stefansen and Roald, the pair were married off. Roald used the "threat of royal displeasure if he makes Reine unhappy" to keep Leslac in Valdemar, and not incidentally, away from Tarma in Rethwellan. He was paid with a Shin'a'in mare in foal for his part in the plot. Stefansen received three mares for his part.

If the song "Leslac's Last Lament" is anything to go by, Leslac also ended up quite satisfied by this arrangement.

Family Edit

Reine's sister, also a countess though unnamed, is mentioned. She was the central figure in the song "Dark and Stormy Night" who according to Prince Roald "went mad during a storm and killed herself. Or so it's said, and nobody wants to find out otherwise." (Oathbreakers)

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