Reesk is a gryphon member of the Silver Gryphons. As part of the alliance with the Haighlei, White Gryphon contributes to the rotation of emperor's personal guards. The Haighlei kingdoms trade their emperors' sons in this role, White Gryphon sends pairs of Silver Gryphons.

At the time Tadrith and Silverblade receive their first assignment, Sella and Vorn are nearing the end of a rotation guarding King Shalaman, and Reesk and Kally are being considered to replace them. While they are good, they aren't the finest Silvers available. However, Shalaman's court prefers matched pairs that are also lovely to look at. The two are described as "showy, their plumage of ruddy gold and bronze would complement the gold and lionskins of Shalaman's Grand Court, and they could stand at perfect attention for hours without moving a feather." [The Silver Gryphon, chapter two]

In the series Edit

Reesk appears in the following work:

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