Lyrics Edit

Tell me where have you gone?
I can't find you at all--
Are you lost in the dark?
Are you gone past recall?

Are you hiding somewhere,
Frightened, lost, and alone?
Are you home now, safe--
Won't you come back, Queen's Own

Tell me, where have you gone?
Little bird, once so strong,
Now your sweet voice is silenced,
Vanished quiet your bright song

You have left us alone,
For your music we yearn--
Can't you hear us and heed us,
Will you ever return? 

Tell me, where have you gone?
I have looked till I'm blind,
But of my little friend,
Not a trace can I find

There is nothing around,
But coldness and black--
And for our friendships sake,
Dear heart, won't you come back? 

Tell me, where have you gone?
I'm alone. I'm afraid,
There's no power to help me,
For all that I've prayed--

There's not light in my soul,
There's no peace, there's not rest,
And I need you, I know now
For more that I guessed.

Tell me, where have you gone?
Will you hear me and heed?
For if you won't return,
Then I'll follow your lead--

All alone, in despair,
I take down the last wall--
Gods, I need you, I love,
Oh my love, hear my call,

Gods, I need you, I love you,
Oh my love, hear my call.

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