In the days following the Mage Wars, Ravenwing was the shaman of the Kaled'a'in Clan Taylesederin, what eventually became the Shin'a'in Clan Tale'sedrin. Ravenwing was present at the Sundering of the Clans, and lead her Clan through the self-sacrifice of their Chief Silverhorse, and into a new life on the Dhorisha Plains. She was one of the shamans that called to the Star-Eyed, striking the bargain that created the Plains and the Shin'a'in people as they are known today.

Ravenwing was a strong-willed, formidable woman. When she wove her memories of the Sundering and the formation of the Shin'a'in into the history tapestries, she was powerful enough to include her own emotions as well. In the final stage of their training, Shin'a'in apprentice shamans journey to Kata'shin'a'in and relive her memories stored in the tapestries.

Ravenwing lived a long life, leaving her mark on the People of the Plains. It was at her insistence that Clans would have more than one shaman and apprentice in residence at any given time, so that should accident or disaster befall, the Clan would not have to do without. She also insisted that all Shin'a'in learned the early lessons of the apprentices, so that all the People could call on their goddess in need. And she created the first Kal'enedral, the warrior-priests of the goddess who serve all the Clans, not just their own.

In the series Edit

Ravenwing appears in the following work:

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