Rathgar was a free-lance mercenary. While escorting an apprentice mage to Kethry's White Winds School, he met Kethry's youngest daughter, Lenore. Desperate to find a strong man to protect and care for the emotionally fragile Lenore, Kethry encouraged their budding romance. When they eventually married, Tarma and Kethry retired from teaching and gave the keep to Rathgar and Lenore, moving to a tower nearby.

Unfortunately, Rathgar distrusted all mages and resented his wealth being given to him by a mage. Though he loved Lenore to distraction, he could not abide the oathsisters and made Kethry promise never to return to the keep uninvited.

Rathgar loved Lenore and cared for her during her terminal illness, feeding her himself when she was no longer able. He never really got over her death. Rathgar also seemed somewhat fond of their son Lordan, but he never did get along with their daughter Kerowyn.

When raiders attacked the keep during Lordan and Dierna's wedding feast, the unarmed Rathgar waded in personally, resulting in his death. Lordan survived and inherited the keep, while Kerowyn left to train with Tarma.

In the series Edit

Rathgar appears in the following work:

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