Rashi was one of the White Winds School contingent of students and teachers that volunteered to come north to Valdemar when Kerowyn asked Quenten for mages. He is scatterbrained and a bit thick, which can make him frustrating to work with; however, he is also among the most kindhearted of all the mages imported into Valdemar to hold off Ancar's final invasion.

An earth-wizard trained by White Winds, Rashi's power level is low but his training is second to none, making him very skilled within his limited range. Therefore, Treyvan paired him with a mage who had more power and less training, in his case, the Sun-priestess Gisell. As arrogant as they come, Gisell wanted nothing to do with Rashi, who besides being scatterbrained was also the son of a pigkeeper. Treyvan and Hydona brought her back into line by threatening to feed her to their gryphlets, then sent her back to Rashi, the only mage who could stand to work with her.

In the series Edit

Rashi appears in the following work:

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