Raschar ("Char") Jadrevalyn was the youngest son of King Destillion of Rethwellan. When Destillion died there was some question as to who was going to succeed him. The law, the merchants and half the nobility favored the elder son, Prince Stefansen. However, since he was a rake and hellion of the first order, the priests, the other half of the nobility, and Destillion himself before his death, favored Raschar for the throne.

In the end, their sister Idra, who had renounced her own claim decades before, was called in to settle the matter. Not being a fan of Stefan, Idra voted for Char. Raschar was duly crowned and Stefansen, who was supposed to be exiled to an estate in the south, disappeared to the north instead.

After watching Char rule for a few months, Idra realized she had made a mistake. Even a rakehell would be a better king than the tyrant Raschar was becoming. She set off to find Stefan to bring him back and overthrow Raschar. Unfortunately for Idra, Raschar suspected as much. He had her intercepted on her way out and imprisoned in a tower. There he tortured, raped and brutalized her until her death. However, he did not count on the loyalty of her mercenary company, the Sunhawks.

Tarma and Kethry's search for their missing Captain, eventually lead them to orchestrating Raschar's overthrow. Having captured him as he was trying to escape Petras, they completed the Oathbreaker ritual, opening a gateway to the land of the dead for Idra to seek justice from her traiterous brother. Afterwards, the Sunhawks dropped Raschar's body on the Palace steps at his brother's feet.

Raschar was described as:

"...not particularly imposing, physically. Brown hair, brown eyes; medium build; lantern-jawed face with a hard mouth and eyebrows like ruler-drawn lines over his eyes--his was not the body of a warrior, but not the body of a weakling, either.
"'But then he looks at you,' Tarma thought, 'and you see the predator, the king of his territory, the strongest beast of the pack. And you want to crawl to him on your belly and present your throat in submission.'" (Oathbreakers)

In the seriesEdit

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