King Randale was the son of Herald-Mage Darvi and the grandson of Queen Elspeth the Peacemaker. He was Monarch during the time of Vanyel, originally becoming Heir after the unexpected early death of his father.  

Randale was lifebonded to Healer and King's Own Herald Shavri. Like his grandmother, Randale never married, in order to keep the option open for a treaty marriage.  

He suffered from an ailment that slowly wasted away his body and put him in a great deal of pain. His pain was kept partially at bay by the music of Bard Stefen, which prolonged his life. The disease also rendered him unable to father children. In order to maintain the fiction that Randale was perfectly fine, as well as to provide him and Shavri with the child they desired, Vanyel secretly offered his "stud" services, fathering their daughter Jisa.  

As Randale reached the last stages of his wasting illness, Shavri opened an unrestricted healing channel, supplying him with a constant stream of energy from her own resources, and insuring that they would die together.  

Randale was succeeded by Herald Treven, another of Queen Elspeth's grandchildren, and the lifebonded husband of Jisa.  

In the series Edit

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