Herald Rana was the daughter of a cheesemaker in a small village before she was Chosen. When she went home to visit after attaining her Whites, a young man from the village began pursuing her. He followed her to Haven and then out on her circuit. He simply wouldn't take no for an answer. When he approached her from behind in one town, she threw him to the ground, but it was not enough to dissuade him. He continued to follow at a distance. When she went hunting for fresh meat and he followed her into the forest, she ambushed him and planted an arrow between his legs, coming close enough for him to feel it brush by. That finally did it, and he left her alone afterwards.

Elspeth related the story to Skif when he wouldn't stop mooning over her as they crossed the Dhorisha Plains together.

Companion Edit

Her Companion's name is not given.

Gifts Edit

Her Gifts are not enumerated.

Internship Edit

No details of her internship are given.

In the series Edit

Rana is mentioned in the following work:

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