Querna shena Tale'sedrin is one of the special Kal'enedral who serve in Kata'shin'a'in, guarding the history tapestries. She was shaman-trained before being called by the Star-Eyed to join the ranks of the Swordsworn.

The Star-Eyed took the opportunity afforded by the return of Clan k'Leshya and the double threat of Ancar of Hardorn and Mornelithe Falconsbane to reunite her People--Shin'a'in, Tayledras, and Kaled'a'in. Querna was sent as an emissary to k'Valdemar (indicating that the goddess views the nation as one great Clan). As an alliance gift she presented Selenay with the promise of the Star-Eyed that her People would hold safe passages to the south and west, so that if the country itself should fall, Valdemar's people could still escape to begin anew elsewhere as they did back at the nation's Founding.

Querna served as the representative of the Shin'a'in to the Alliance until her death as a result of an assassination plot from the Eastern Empire. The court artist, Celandine, was actually an Imperial spy, whom Tremane inherited from a predecessor. Celandine had implanted mage-wrought flying blades in the plaster decorations of the fireplaces in the envoys' suites. Each device was keyed to its particular target. Tremane ordered the mass assassination attempt in order to disrupt the Alliance, which he erroneously believed to be responsible for the Mage Storms. While several envoys were injured in the attack, Querna and Ulrich of Karse were the only fatalities.

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