The mage Quenten trained at the White Winds School run by Jendar. Once he reached Journeyman status, Jendar sent him to his niece, Captain Kerowyn of the mercenary company the Skybolts. Quenten needed more of a challenge than he could find outside of warfare, which made it a perfect match. By the time Kerowyn had been Captain for ten years, the company boasted six mages, of which Quenten, now Master-class, was the chief.

He was described as "a mercurial, lean and incurably cheerful carrot-top." In his recommendation letter to Kerowyn, Jendar also described him as patient and "capable of dealing with the tedious as well as the exciting." (By the Sword)

When the company was hired jointly by Rethwellan and Valdemar to stop Ancar's invasion out of Hardorn, Quenten and the other mages were unable to tolerate the watching vrondi of the Web-Spell. They returned to Rethwellan, where they met up with Daren and his troops, diverting them up through Hardorn instead. This allowed Daren to attack Ancar's troops from the back, with the mages in support.

When the Skybolts relocated to Bolton in Valdemar, Quenten took over their former winter quarters in Bolthaven, Rethwellan and founded a White Winds school of his own. After Vanyel dropped the shield barrier of the Web-Spell, Quenten returned to Valdemar as the Alliance representative of the White Winds and Blue Mountain mage schools.

In a minor tale, an inn near his school is often troubled by mage students' pranks. However, after isolating the inn, Master Quenten finds an undiscovered mage.

In another minor tale, Kethry's great-grandson Keth're'son shena Tale'sedrin is unwillingly Chosen. His companion asks Master Quenten to convince the boy to train his mage gift. Master Quenten cleverly hires Keth' to escort another student mage to Haven.

In the series Edit

Quenten appears in the following works:

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