The Predain College of Chirurgeons was the premier medical school of its day, located in the kingdom of Predain. The faculty did not believe in what they could not see, and so thought the Healing Gift and Empathy, made a nice story, but weren't real. This meant that in physical tending to injury and illness, their skill was unmatched, but they could not train anyone in the use of their Gifts. This lead to a great deal of illness among Gifted, but unshielded students, such as Amberdrake, who studied there as a boy and young man.

When Ma'ar took the throne of Predain, the College faculty, who mostly ignored the outside world, were unprepared for the ramifications. They did their best to protect Amberdrake and other students who were being persecuted, but eventually Ma'ar's reach extended even into their campus, and the "undesirable" students and faculty were purged. Amberdrake fled the night before the raid, escaping the soldiers.

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