Pires Nieth was the most powerful of the mages in Ancar's employ. He was a Blood Mountain sorcerer, a Master-class mage, though not as strong as Ancar himself.

Pires was from a noble Hardorn family, possibly with some illegitimate royal blood, and he had boundless ambition. Mornelithe Falconsbane believed that Nieth would attempt to seize the throne if anything happened to Ancar and Hulda. In fact, this is exactly what happened.

Once Elspeth and her companions assassinated Ancar and Hulda and made good their escape, Nieth used the illusion of demons to bring the Elite Guard back under control. Then he used the Guard to secure the palace and begin pacifying the capital. Just as he settled into the throne, but before having time to gloat over his victory, the Eastern Empire invaded Hardorn. At that point all Pires Nieth was interested in was a fast horse to escape the city.

In the series Edit

Pires Nieth appears in the following work:

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