Palisar is one of the three Chief Advisors to the Haighlei Emperor Shalaman of the Kmbata Empire, along with the Chief Kestra'chern, Silver Veil, and Leyuet, the Chief Truthsayer and Chief of the Spears of the Law. Palisar himself is the Speaker to the Gods, the high priest of the kingdom. As part of his office, he and the Emperor are the only people who can grant permission to mages outside the temple to practice magic. Something that was only done very rarely, and in very limited circumstances.

As the White Gryphon delegation settled in to the court at Khimbata, Palisar did not approve them, especially Shalaman's interest in Winterhart. As one of their more vocal detractors, Skandranon and Amberdrake feared that Palisar might be behind the attempt to frame them for the murders. However, he was eventually proved to be entirely innocent. He had also come around to supporting the people of White Gryphon, overcoming his instinctive resistance to the vast change they represented for the empire and its people. And he entirely approved of Shalaman's marriage proposal to Silver Veil.

Palisar is described as a grim and dour man who rarely smiled.

In the series Edit

Palisar appears in the following work:

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