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From the Firebird Arts website: "Songs by Michael Longcor & Cecilia Eng Owlflight features some amazing songs and performances, Paul Espinoza from Golden Bough turned out an amazing version of Michael Longcors’ 'Bond Bird Crow' song. Yes, the song is just what you would expect from a crowd of intelligent, party happy crows. Margie Butler and Cecilia Eng teamed up as Hertasi, for the war song of the Lizard folk. Allison Bailey the fiddler from Golden Bough, added her bow to three song on the album, and Emrys Atkinson and Michael Longcor team up and rock out on the hard driving 'Send in the Silver Gryphons'."

Song list Edit

  1. In the Pelagir
  2. Errold's Grove
  3. People
  4. They Don’t Know
  5. Bad Magic Day
  6. Song of the Bear Clan
  7. On the Bridge
  8. Send in the Silver Gryphons
  9. Snare and Deadfall
  10. Song of the Hertasi Water Killers
  11. Kuari’s Song
  12. Lilly
  13. Friends
  14. Raucous, Rude and Rowdy

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