Talia sings about her feelings for Kris.

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Lyrics Edit

I need you as a friend, dear one
I love you as a brother
And my body lies beside you while
My heart yearns for another 

I wonder if you understand
Beneath your careless guise
I seem to sense uneasiness
When looking in your eyes 

I need your help my friend and I
Had sworn to stand-alone
How foolish were the vows I made
My present plight has shown 

But don't mistake my need for love
However strong it seems
For while I lye beside you
Someone else is in my dreams 

I wish that I could know your thoughts
I only sense your pain
An ease behind the smile you wear
A haunted sad refrain 

I would not be the cause of grief
I've often told you so
Yet there's a place within my heart
Where your love cannot know

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