Orrin is the Companion of Herald Santar.

Wanting to be absolutely certain that Santar had the selfless courage necessary in a Herald before he Chose him, Orrin tested him. He acted frantic when he approached Santar and his younger brother Hosfin. He confirmed Santar's guess that Orrin already had a Herald who was in need of rescuing. He then tossed Santar into the saddle and took him on a grueling all-night trek through an icy river and the Tangled Forest (widely believed to be inhabited by demons), then into the foothills of the mountains. Once there, he directed Santar into a cave system. As soon as the young man was inside, Orrin contacted him with Mindspeech, and guided him through the various twists and turns, while pretending to be the injured Herald. Following the directions, Santar eventually exited the cave system, only to find Orrin waiting for him. Orrin then confessed to the test and formally Chose Santar.

In the series Edit

Orrin appears in the following work:

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