Healer's Song Edit

The battle is over the fight lost or won

But even now has our battle begun

This battle is waged with the heart and the will

Experience knowledge the Gift and the skill

Here's the battle field face it alone

Take in your hands the torn flesh broken bone

Take to yourself all the shock and the pain

Ask if you've courage to see and remain

Work against time every second a foe

Try to guess when to hold on or let go

Answer me now who do you save

Which can you snatch from the brink of the grave

There stands your enemy Death is his name

Yet to Defeat him will bring you no fame

This battle brings you no praises of men

Only the hunger to heal them again

That is my hunger and that is my creed

All my religion and all of my creed

This is what drives me beyond fear or hope

This is what gives me the raw strength to cope

Beneath the full wisdom I need them I fear

Lying me before me is what I hold dear

More then a student far more then a friend

Wounds so profound that I shutter to tend

Healing my weapon and life is my prize

Love often means you ignore what is wise

So this i swear while the soul wills to live

I shall fight far beyond nothing to give

This do I swear this one shall not die

Not while I have strength and will left to try 

Lending my substance to mend flesh and bone 

She shall have life if it costs me my own 

She shall have life if it costs me my own 

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