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Lyrics Edit

War is thrilling story; you've never seen the lie
War is shining glory when you're young and cannot die
Fighting from a distant is crisp and clean and clear
Fighting hand-to-hand you feel the fear
And an archer without arrows feels the fear -
On the bridge 

Bridges can be costly but some tolls dearly cost
Bridges are for crossing, but some things must not cross
Standing with your comrades gives you courage to the bone
Standing by yourself, you feel alone
And you have to hold the line here all alone -
On the bridge 

On the bridge –
Where life is short but moments stretch so long
On the bridge –
You can't go back, you know you can't go on 

Heroes are remembered long they march in glory's train
Heroes drink a lot of wine to drown remembered pain
Wizards have the power to make a flaming stand
When power goes you're just an aging man
Not a hero now, but just and aging man -
On the bridge
On the bridge
On the bridge

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