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Cursed Oathbreakers, your honor’s in pawn 

And worthless the vows you have made,

Justice shall see you where others have gone, 

Delivered to those you betrayed! 

These are the signs of a mage that’s forsworn– 

The True Gifts gone dead in his hand, 

Magic corrupted and discipline torn, 

Shifting heart like shifting sand; 

Swift to allow any passion to run, 

Given to hatred and rage. 

Give him wide berth and his company shun– 

For darkness devours the Dark Mage 

These are the signs of a traitor in war– 

Wealth from no visible source, 

Shunning old comrades he welcomed before, 

Holding to no steady course 

If you uncover the one who’d betray, 

Heed not his words nor his pen 

Give him no second chance – drive him away– 

False once will prove false again 

These are the signs of a treacherous priest– 

Pleasure in anyone’s pain, 

Abused or degrading of man or of beast, 

Duty as second to gain, 

Preaching belief but with none of his own, 

Twisting all that he controls 

Fear him and never face him alone, 

He corrupts innocent souls 

These are the signs of the king honor-broke– 

Pride coming first over all, 

Treading the backs and the necks of his folk 

That he alone might stand tall, 

Giving himself to desires that are base, 

Tyrannous, cunning and cruel 

Bring him down – set someone else in his place 

Such man are not fit to rule

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